How Maryland utilities are meeting their aggressive energy savings goals

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By Matthew Buecker, Jennifer Raley, Nick Rosenthal, and Justin Mackovyak
Matthew Buecker
Senior Manager, Marketing and Customer Education, BGE
Jennifer Raley
Energy and Technology Programs Manager DSM, SMECO
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Launched more than a decade ago, the Maryland EmPOWER Act is one of the country's leading energy efficiency programs, requiring utilities to meet a 2% annual savings target.

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), Pepco, and Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) have successfully reached these targets for numerous years—a remarkable accomplishment that demands significant effort. Join us for a webinar to discover the secrets behind their sustained success.

We’ll delve into their culture of relentless innovation and the groundbreaking strategies that continue to drive transformative results.

Key takeaways include:

  • Insights from SMECO’s approach to evolving demand response: traditional switches and thermostats, bring-your-own-devices and optimization, and smart home technologies.
  • Overview of how Pepco’s award-winning Residential New Construction New Homes program consistently exceeds targets despite evolving market conditions.
  • Learnings from BGE’s innovative marketing campaigns, designed to actively engage customers and boost participation.
Meet the authors
  1. Matthew Buecker, Senior Manager, Marketing and Customer Education, BGE
  2. Jennifer Raley, Energy and Technology Programs Manager DSM, SMECO
  3. Nick Rosenthal, Manager, Energy Efficiency Programs, Pepco
  4. Justin Mackovyak, Vice President, Utility Program Implementation

    Justin leads program implementation and strategy for clients in the Mid-Atlantic region with more than 15 years’ experience. View bio